A bit bored, and with a couple minor incidents where it would have been handy, I decided to embark on a search for hardware and software for a video security system for our house. With emphasis on “do it yourself”, I did not want a packaged solution, but rather something I could install and support myself. The hardware itself is potentially a story, but I wrote a long review of several software items. Long, few pictures… read it only if you are embarking on a similar project. The writeup itself is here.

6 thoughts on “Searching for a Video Security System

  1. Thanks for the write up. I just stumbled upon Xeoma today out of pure chance. I’m prepping a 4 camera install at my house and have been hunting for a linux based BlueIris. Not being a programmer, I’m looking for something that just works.

    One concern I have had with a lot of these closed source products, is how chatty they are on the network. Did you do any network analysis of Xeoma?

    1. No, not really, but if you mean talking to/from the cameras, none of them do much communication to the camera, it’s just a video stream from. Now the client side, e.g. showing the monitors could be significantly different, but I did not look. If you mean do they call back to their vendor (e.g. Windows 10 issues) I did no checking at all on that.

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